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Mineral Makeup

Mineral Makeup available for purchase in YakimaSole Therapy Mineral Makeup utilizes the finest ingredients available.  Although the ingredient lists of different mineral products may appear to be identical, they are not.  There are several grades of dispersions, a variety of bulk densities, particle sizes and opacity levels.  The quality and variations in particle size, grade, feel, etc. all contribute to the final product.  (Pressed Minerals need additional ingredients for binding and pressing).  The loose versions are the most natural and recommended following treatments.

Our revolutionary foundation provides excellent coverage while imparting a youthful glow to your skin. The creamy natural minerals brush on like a powder, leaving skin radiant and dewy - like brushing on a fine layer of perfect skin. Easy to use, long lasting and perfect for all skin types, this foundation is also a natural sunscreen.

  • Non- Comedogenic and oil free
  • Minimal allergy risk
  • Covers redness
  • Anti-inflammatory properties to help acne, sensitive and rosacea-prone skins.
  • Contains Titanium and zinc to provide broad-spectrum sun protection

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Mineral Makeup Products

Sole Therapy Medical Day Spa in Yakima offers these Mineral Makeup products:

Mineral Powder Foundation

Mineral Foundation 5g $15
Mineral Refill 8g $20


Concealer 12g $12


Blush  $15.50

Mineral Shadow

Mineral Shadow 2.5g  $7.50
Mineral Shadow 1g  $5

Lip Color

Lip Liner  $5
Lip Gloss  $8
Lip Stick $11


Mascara  $ 8


Black Faux: Powder  $22.40
Black faux: Blush  $18.60
Black Faux: Shadow  $ 6.10
Black Faux: Liner  $6.70
Brush Set  $48.42
Large Buki  $15.10
Small Buki  $12.70
Duo: Shadow and Liner  $4.70
Black Tote  $4.30
Brush Set  $33.12

Product Enhancements

Rice Powder $14
D2O Moisture Spray $15.30