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Sole Therapy

Our exclusive sterile pedicure for your feet using glycolic products to break down dry skin and callusing. Includes a warm aroma therapy foot soak, an invigorating scrub, moisturizing mask, finishing with a relaxing foot massage. (Filing, trimming and polish upon request)
45-60 minutes $75

Foot Reflexology

Reflexology is the application of pressure to areas on the feet to induce deep relaxation and restore the flow of energy in the body. Reflexology may also be an effective way to alleviate stress, reduce foot pain and benefit a person’s overall health. Learn more about our Foot Reflexology Treatments
50 Minutes $65

Foot Treatment - ReflexologyReflexology Deluxe

Add a rejuvenating foot scrub to the basic reflexology session.
60 minutes $75

Foot Rejuvenation

Rejuvenate your feet with our exclusive Sole Therapy foot treatment followed with reflexology.
75 Minutes $105

Foot Detox

A blend of magnesium sulfate crystals will encourage the release of toxins through sweat glands in the bottom of your feet. In addition this calming foot soak will also soften, smooth and hydrate the feet ending with a foot massage.
30 Minutes $55


Hot Stone Aromatherapy Infusion

Warm stones are incorporated into the massage on the feet and lower legs to help release tension and relax the body.

New ClientsFoot Detox

A blend of magnesium sulfate crystals will encourage the release of toxins through sweat glands in the bottom of your feet. In addition this calming foot soak will also soften, smooth and hydrate the feet.



Lower Leg Mask





Customized to your individual skin type, each facial will address your main concerns and current skin condition using professional products lines including Bioelements and Physiodermie.

Deep Cleanse Facial

Designed to maintain a healthy complexion leaving the skin smooth and refreshed.
60 Minutes $80

Facials in YakimaAge Defiance Facial

An anti-aging facial that addresses the common signs of aging on the face, neck and décolleté. Your skin will also be renewed with a highly concentrated serum of antioxidants, collagen enhancers and peptides.
60 minutes $80

Serene Facial

Experience instant comfort from sensitive or rosacea prone skin. This soothing, decongesting treatment will gently diffuse redness and inflammation while reinforcing your fragile capillaries.
60 minutes $80

Complex Skin Facial

The use of natural and normalizing ingredients will improve breakouts, calm inflammation, and refine skin texture.
60 minutes $80

Express Facial

Total rejuvenation in half the time. This treatment includes a cleanse, exfoliation, steam and a moisturizing facial massage.
30 minutes $60


Learn more about the Benefits of Facials and Skin Treatments


Glycolic Peel

Glycolic Acid will lighten pigmentation, even skin tone and decrease fine lines. Optimum results will be achieved with a series of treatments. Can be an addition to any facial.


Clears congested areas on the skin using a professional extraction tool.

Revitalize your Eyes

A gentle enzyme peel will dissolve dead skin cells and brighten the eye area,  and a multi-task eye mask will revitalize the delicate eye tissue. Finish the facial with protective eye cream.

Back Cleanse

15 minutes $20


15 minutes $15

Hand scrub and mask



Silk PeelSilk Peel

An advanced procedure that exfoliates while infusing a topical solution leaving your skin feeling smooth and radiant. With a series of treatments the Silk Peel will effectively treat the common signs of aging, improve clarity and even out your skin tone.
25 minutes $90

Silk Peel Rejuvenation

Enhances the basic silk peel by rejuvenating your skin with a customized facial serum, followed by a moisturizing facial massage.
40 minutes $100


Waxing - legs - eyebrows - bodyA hair removal method that effectively removes large amounts of hair quickly. Waxing lightens new growth, will leave your skin feeling smooth and enhance your appearance.


Brows $18
Lip $10
Chin $14
Cheek $14
Ears $12


Arm Pit $40
Half Arm/Hand $40
Back $70
Full Leg $70
Half Leg $45
Abdomen $30
Chest $50
Bikini $45


What are the benefits of massage?

Signature Relaxation Massage

Melt your stress and body aches away with Sole Therapy’s Signature Relaxation Massage. We incorporate a custom aromatherapy blend, steam towels on the face and back, eye pack, and a heated neck wrap to enhance the experience and promote healing from within. This exclusive experience ends with aroma breathing leaving your entire body feeling renewed.
30 minutes $55
45 minutes $65
60 minutes $75
75 minutes $90
90 minutes $105

Hot Stone Massage in YakimaTherapeutic Massage

A Therapeutic massage helps relieve chronic pain, increase range of motion, and reduce stress. The therapist will incorporate a combination of several massage modalities depending on your current needs.  
30 minutes $55
45 minutes $65
60 minutes $75
75 minutes $90
90 minutes $105

Basic Swedish

A classic massage to help restore balance and health that incorporates a specific combination of techniques.
30 minutes $45
45 minutes $55
60 minutes $65
75 minutes $80
90 minutes $95

Pre-natal Massage

A nurturing massage that will help the expecting mother to reduce stress and relieve aches and pains associated with pregnancy.
30 minutes $55
45 Minutes $65
60 minutes $75

See also our Ultimate Pregnancy Package

Couples Massage Yakima

Couples Massage

Experience relaxation with a spouse, family member or friend while receiving a massage in the same room, by two different therapists.
60 minutes $175

Couples Experience

Relax in a private room while both of you enjoy an aromatherapy foot soak and foot scrub with light refreshments. You’ll then choose the option of your choice to make this an unforgettable shared experience.
Option 1: one hour massage for both $260
Option 2: half-hour massage, mini facial, and foot reflexology for both $260
90 minutes

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stones are massaged into the muscles to help relax tightness and are also placed on different areas of the body throughout the entire service. Adding hot stones to a massage is intended to relax tight muscles and can be an addition to any massage.
30 minutes $62.50

Medical Massage in YakimaMedical Massage

With a prescribed note from your doctor, medical massage treatments will accelerate the natural healing process through specific work on targeted areas. We bill PIP and L& I Claims as well as most insurances for approved medical massage services in our Yakima Medical Day Spa.

Learn more about Medical Massage and how to get Pre-Approved for Medical Massage Therapy.



Choose one or all of our custom service pairings to incorporate into your massage to help you feel more relaxed and rejuvenated at the end.

Head massage - tension tamer
Tension Tamer

Special focus on the neck, shoulders, face and scalp to decrease pain and discomfort brought on by migraines or tension headaches. This experience incorporates a hot towel head and face compress along with a peppermint and lavender aromatherapy infusion to relax and bring about a feeling of well being.
When added to 60 or 90 minute massage $5

Foot Soak & Scrub

Start your massage with a bamboo infused foot scrub to cleanse, smooth and revive worn out feet.
Scrub only - $5 / Soak and Scrub - $15

Back Scrub

An add on treatment that will exfoliate the skin on your back with an aromatherapy sugar scrub leaving it smooth and refreshed.


Aromatherapy massageTemporarily relieves minor aches and pain of muscles or joints.

Cupping Therapy

An application of silicone cups to alleviate pain and release tension within the muscles .


Your choice of scent.

Dry Brush

15 minutes / $15



Body Treatments in YakimaCitrus Fruit Scrub

A relaxing application of healing citrus fruit oils blended with sugar to reveal soft and hydrated skin.
50 minutes $75

Citrus Fruit Oil Rub

An experience that incorporates the healing touch of citrus fruit oils to encourage a firmer skin tone, deep relaxation and soft, silky skin.
50 minutes $75

Back Cleanse

Especially beneficial for congested pores and dry skin. Beginning with a cleanse and exfoliation, this treatment is completed with a purifying moisture application, leaving skin healthy and refreshed.
25 minutes $55


Xeo Laser Hair Removal TreatmentsThe Cutera Laser can effectively diminish spider veins and significantly reduce hair growth with a series of treatments to achieve smoother skin. This type of laser hair removal works best on dark or coarse hair. A noticeable amount of hair reduction can be noticed with each service.

Please contact us to schedule a consultation prior to any scheduled service. Our laser hair removal treatment consultation fee is $25, collected at the time of booking. This entire fee will be applied toward a package of 3 or 6 treatments, if purchased at the time of consultation.

Laser Hair Removal Services

Upper Lip $125
Chin $150
Eye Brows $100
Arm Pits $100
Half Arm $165
Full Arm $225
Lower Leg $400
Full Leg $650

Bikini $250
Extended Bikini $250
Stomach $225
Chest $225
Upper Back $225
Full Back $325
Women’s Brazilian $350
Areola $75

Half off any area after the 8th session for spot treatment only.
Download more information on Xeo© Hair Removal

Ask about our special prices available for pre-paid packages of 3 or 6 treatments.

*Upper leg does not include bikini area.

laser hair removal from legs
Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis is used for treatment of wrinkles, large pores, skin texture and redness.

$225 for one treatment
$561 for three treatments
$1,122 for six treatments
$325 for face and neck.

Onychomycosis (Fungal Toenail Infection)

Can be treated by Laser at Cascade Foot and Ankle (just next door to Sole Therapy), visit for more information.


Guests can purchase products from Bioelements, Biotone, CBD Clinic, Dr.'s Remedy Enriched Nail Polish, Epionce, Fake Bake, Gehwol, Physioderme, and RevitaLash Cosmetics at Sole Therapy Medical Day Spa in Yakima.